The Borough is using Peter Rubinetti Private Disposal for garbage removal.


 Household trash – any animal or vegetable waste solids resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking or
consumption of foods, as well as any rubbish or refuse which is not recyclable, does not constitute hazardous
 waste and is not a bulk item.

 Bulk items – any large, heavy and/or bulky household appliances, furniture or furnishings which cannot easily
 and safely be placed in the common collection vehicle used for the removal of garbage within the Borough of
Bound Brook.

 Rubinetti will pick up 2 trash cans (not to exceed 50 gallons) or bags OF HOUSEHOLD TRASH each week for
 every dwelling unit. Trash inside any bag or can may not exceed 25 lbs.  ABSOLUTELY NO CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS.

  •  During the months of July, August and December, 3 cans or bags will be allowed.
  • There will be no collection on Memorial Day, Independence Day , Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas
     Day, and New Years Day.  Pick up will be the day after these holidays.
  • Stickers must be purchased for any bulk item.
  • Any trash exceeding the bag or can limit will require stickers.
  • The cost of a sticker is $3.50.  One sticker = 25 lbs of trash.
  • Leaf season begins is from October 15 through December 16th.  Leaves must be placed in biodegradable
     paper bags.  There is no set schedule.
  • Yard debris schedule is on the home page.  Branches may be put out with yard debris instead of every 2nd Friday.
  •  Grass and yard debris may be taken to Nature's Choice – 136 Foothill Rd.  M-F – 7AM – 2PM 
    Sat. 8AM – 2 PM- 
  • Metal is picked up on the 3rd Friday of every month and will require stickers.
     Call 732-356-0833 X635 to schedule.
  •  Dispose of Scrap Metal and Electronics the 1st Saturday of every month between 8AM – 2PM
     at the Somerset County Recycling Center on Polhemus Lane.